GS PREMUIM BATCH (PRE – CUM – MAINS) FOR IAS & PCS • Course is designed for comprehensive preparation for civil services examination by putting special emphasis on all parts and segments of the syllabus of preliminary and main examination.
• Special emphasis is given on enhancing the analyzing capability of the topic as well as qualitative answers writing as per the demand of the UPSC & State Civil services Examination.
• Develop the ability to keep pace with the ever-changing nature and demand of UPSC &Civil Services Examination.
• Develop the understanding of interrelation between subjects through practical examples.
• All the six G.S. papers will be covered for PCS.
• Evaluation of answers writing etc. by Academic Associates
• Fortnightly “PERFECT – 7” based on current affairs.
• Complete preparation of Essay
• Class room programme for personality development.
• Free guidance for IAS and PCS interview.
• Prelims and Main Class test on regular basis.
• Printed Study Materials.
13- 14 Months
CSAT • This course fulfils the need of all exams of UPSC & State PSC.
• This course is designed to cater to the need of mental ability & specific administrative aptitude.
• Special emphasis will be given on personality development, decision making, interpersonal & communicational skills.
• This course also includes papers of English from UP CSAT & English Language papers of IAS Mains.
• General Hindi for different exams of UPPSC will also be covered.
• Weekly Class Test
• Printed Study Material
3 – 4 Months 22,000 (Including GST)
8 -9 Months ONLINE – 29,500 (Including GST)
OFFLINE: 40,000 (Including GST)
OBJECTIVE • Preparation of Optional subject in Civil Services Mains examination in a scientific & revealing way.
• Special Focus on practical examples, answer writing & development of analytical capacity
• Printed Study Material
• Free guidance for IAS & PCS Interview
Where other institutes confine themselves to the regular classroom teaching programme, and do not concentrate on other aspects necessary for qualifying the examination. Thus, they fail to cater the needs of students as per the demand of examination that leads to failure of the student. Keeping this problem in mind, Dhyeya IAS is the only institute that provides a comprehensive programme with regular and quick revision strategy to the students through special crash courses for preliminary and main examinations of IAS and PCS. Along with this, students who are unable to reach big cities can avail the related program through Dhyeya IAS App.
GS FINISHER (Pre/Mains Module) • Revision of entire syllabus along with current affairs before prelims & mains of IAS & PCS exams. • Extensive revision programme before IAS Prelims. 45 Days
• Preparing the students to solve the questions correctly through revisions & rigorous practice. • Revision programme before PCS Prelims 15 Days
• Comprehensive study material is made available to all the students which provides their preparation a right direction. • Exam centric programme before IAS 75 Days
• The aim of this course is to boost the confidence of the students & to eliminate the fear of examination from their minds resulting in better performance. • Exam centric programme before PCS Mains. 20 Days
• Class Test
• Printed Study Material
Looking at the increasing influence of current affairs in General studies, Dhyeya IAS is arranging current affairs-based classes for students of regular classroom programme at an interval of 15 days. Its major features are –
• Extensive coverage of all the sections of General studies based on current affairs.
• Preparation based on the demand of Prelims & Mains Exam.
• Evaluation sessions are also conducted which render a competitive environment among the students.
• This current affairs-based program is conducted to develop a better understanding of principles & their application among students.
• This programme is available on Dhyeya IAS app. All the students of Dhyeya IAS can avail it through the app
PMI (Pre-Mains-Interview) Programme
• To help the students preparing for UPSC at every stage, As modelled on same pattern.
• To ensure availability of a competitive environment to the students as per the changing need of UPSC.
• Personal interaction with students to eliminate even their minor faults.
• Capacity building of future IAS Officers for nation building
• Syllabus of PMI has been designed in a compact & a comprehensive way to cater to the changing demand of questions.
• Questions are prepared as per the changing nature of exam by subject matter experts. Subject wise preparation is done through PMI.
• Under this program, almost all the major publications of the Government of India are covered in accordance with UPSC syllabus.
• This program is organized in 2 phases:
→ The 1st Phase covers the NCERTS from class 6th to 10th leading to the development of basic understanding of concepts.
→ The 2nd Phase covers NCERTS of 11th & 12th class focusing on an in-depth understanding of the content.
• Thus, through the above 2 phases, students are completely prepared for UPSC (CSE).
UDAAN 3 years Program for 12th and 12th passed students
Udaan empowers young and determined minds to pursue a prestigious and challenging career as a Civil Servant. It supports aspiring individuals who possess wisdom, foresight, and a strong desire to start preparing at a young age. The program aims to help them achieve a competitive edge and successfully crack the exam on their first attempt after graduation.
Expertise in Subjects –
• Competitive and Energetic Environment – Newer ways of Thinking, Self-motivated atmosphere. Successful Civil Servants will take motivational lectures.
• Building Confidence and Personality Development – Experts will take lectures on Personality Development and one-to-one Interaction for individual problem solving.
• Focus on Project Work – Case Studies and Outdoor social activities. Empirical Study will enhance their grasping power and will help connect them with the content of topic.
• Time Management and Study Management
• Personalized Guidance: The program offers individual attention and tailored guidance to each student, considering their unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.
• Mentorship Support: Students receive dedicated mentorship from experienced mentors who provide guidance, motivation, and support throughout their preparation journey.
• Targeted Study Plan: The mentor assists in creating a customized study plan that aligns with the student’s goals and ensures efficient time management.
• Feedback and Evaluation: Regular feedback and performance evaluation provided by the mentor help students identify their strengths and weaknesses. This enables them to make necessary improvements, refine their strategies, and enhance their overall preparation.
• Problem-solving and Doubt Clarification: The mentor is available to address the doubts and queries of the students, providing timely clarifications and solutions to their problems.
• Accountability and Discipline: The mentor keeps students accountable for their progress, ensuring they adhere to their study plan and meet their milestones. This instills discipline, time management skills, and a sense of responsibility in students.
TEST SERIES – UPSC & UPPCS (Prelims and Mains Preparation)
Facility and Objective:
• Personalised mentorship / One-to-One discussion.
• Test wise class discussion.
• Time bound (12 Days) evaluation by experts close to real evaluators of UPPSC.
• Bilingual Model answer of each question would be provided after the test.
• To develop the understanding of current UPPSC pattern and coverage of entire syllabus.
• To develop skill of written expression /answer writing.
• To cover entire Main syllabus
• Timely and standard evaluation of your preparation
• To develop the approach for study of different subjects of the Main
• To prepare potential theme / topic for Main 2023
• To cover important resources of preparation
• To provide proper guidance and support
The essay paper is important for IAS students as it significantly affects their ranking and overall performance. Strong essay writing skills demonstrate their understanding of diverse subjects, critical thinking abilities, and effective communication. The program develops clarity of thought, logical reasoning, and structured argumentation. It encourages research, analysis, and comprehension of complex topics relevant to the IAS exam. The program also improves language proficiency, time management, and prepares students to answer essay-based questions in general studies papers, boosting their overall exam performance.